Best Rug Pads for Cowhide Rugs (Some Main Benefits for you)

Cowhide Rugs are one of the most luxurious things to go for while decorating the home interior. The comfortable feel and appearance make the ambiance soothing and luxurious.

They come in different pattern designs for “Best Rug Pads for Cowhide Rugs” like Black, Grey, Brown, and White. Each one of them represents a unique and different feel of luxury to your feet.

However, one problem you could face after placing the Cowhide Rug is the sliding factor.

You will need to reposition the rug every time someone steps on it. That could be irritating sometimes. To get rid of this issue, we will guide you on how to keep the cowhide rug from sliding.

How to Keep a Cowhide Rug from Sliding

In terms of sliding, cowhide rugs are the ones that are more prone to sliding than any other rug out there. On almost every kind of surface, the cowhide rugs do slide which may pose a serious tripping hazard.

Whether you have a hardwood floor, a Tiled Floor, or a Carpeted one, these rugs cannot resist sliding due to their ultra-soft material and luxurious properties.

You will find yourself in a continuous battle trying to keep the rug in place all day.

That cannot be possible without proper arrangements. These types of rugs could get curled due to their sleek and unique thinness in comparison with other options in the market.

That could lead to some serious tripping dangers resulting in minor or serious injuries.

To keep the cowhide rug from sliding and keeping it in one place, you will need to use a rug pad underneath your luxurious rug.

One thing to take care of here is that do not ever use a cheap rug pad with cheap material.

Placing a low-quality and cheap rug pad under your cowhide rug will not only ruin it but will also cause damage to the flooring underneath.

For example, a cheap rug with self-sticking properties will leave a permanent adhesive residue or stain on your flooring.

Some have toxic chemicals, which could react with your flooring. Therefore forcing you to splash money on repairs or replacement. Avoid using a cheap rug pad.

To find the best rug pads for Cowhide Rugs, we will assist you. Here are a few options you can go for.

They are high quality and quite affordable saving you a lot of dollars in the longer run. Here they are:

  • Gorilla Grip Felt and Natural Rubber Rug Pad
  • Veken Non Slip Carpet Gripper Extra Thick Mats
  • Mohawk Home Non Slip Rug Pad Gripper Dual Surface Felt + Rubber Gripper

All of these rug pads/grippers are made from natural materials. There is no chance of them causing any kind of damage to your expensive flooring or full room carpet.

With different properties and characteristics, each one of these rug pads offers a firm grip and harmless safety to your cowhide rug as well as the floor underneath.

While browsing, you may come up with some less costly and lucrative alternatives to these rug pads.

  • They may look appealing and alluring to you at first. But don’t go for them.
  • They may satisfy your needs temporarily and may save you some dollars, but they are going to cost you in the long term.
  • The biggest flaw of the cheap rug pads is that they leave behind tough stains and permanent residue on your floor or carpet.
  • Therefore breaking your bank for repairs or replacements.

Before you make any decision about buying the rug pad just keep in mind the proverb “Good Things Ain’t Cheap and Cheap Things Ain’t Good”. That will clear up your mind too much extent.

Some Benefits of Using the Cowhide Rugs in Your Home

Apart from the preventive measures, here are some of the benefits you could have after placing a Cowhide Rug.

  • Placing a Cowhide Rug on top of your hardwood or any other expensive flooring will reduce the chances of the floor getting scratched. The ultra-soft material of the rug makes your floor cleaner and shinier.
  • Placing a Cowhide rug adds some extra luxury to your living room. Increasing the ambiance and overall looks.
  • Cowhide rugs are non-toxic and hypo-allergic and provide great health safety to your kids, oldies, and your pets at home.

You May Think About

Do I have to cut it to shape on my own?

No. You don’t need to. The weird thing about the cowhide rugs is their uncommon shape. That may look difficult to find a rug pad that fits the shape of a cowhide rug.

To come out of this difficulty, all you have to do is to find a rug pad, which is bigger in size than the cowhide rug. In that way, you can cut off the rug pad according to the cowhide rug size to make a perfect customized fit.

All the credit to DIY ideas that made customizing easier and simpler without the need for any special skills or tools.

How Can You Flatten a Curled Cowhide Rug?

Out of the few drawbacks, one of them about the cowhide rugs is the curling of the edges. That may look awkward seeing your rug’s edges curled.

In that case, just don’t worry and follow these simple steps below to flatten your curled cowhide rug.

  • First, gather the basic supplies like a water spray bottle with water in it, a clean and dry piece of cloth, and a heavy object for stacking purposes.
  • Next, before starting the process, vacuum the rug properly to clean off any dirt, dust, or debris.
  • Spray water on both sides of the rug until the rug becomes damp. Not just saturated but also damp.
  • Take two dry and clean cloth rags or towels. Place one underneath the rug to protect your floor. Place the other one on top of the curled area. Flatten the curled area using a cloth rag or towel.
  • Next, place something heavy for stacking. Leave it as it is for at least a few hours. Rather at least overnight.
  • Now remove the heavy object and the cloth rag or towel on top to disclose your re-flattened cowhide rug.

There it is. Your rug is now flat just as it was before. Another plus is that you can apply these steps to remove the wrinkles and creases caused by the movement of furniture.

Just keep in mind to never ever wash the cowhide rug in the washing machine or in a dry cleaner. The chemicals in the cleaning products can destroy your rug.

While the washing machine is not kind enough for soft cowhide rugs, the texture could be ruined within minutes. So be careful not to do these two things with your cowhide rug.

Conclusory Words on Best Rug Pads for Cowhide Rug

Adding more coziness and fantastic ambiance to your interior, Cowhide Rugs are one of the most beautiful and luxurious decorations.

However, they could be the cause of slipping or tripping. Posing some serious injury hazards.

It would be best to place the high-quality rug pad underneath the rug to wave off any chances of danger.

We hope this content may have assisted you in finding the right and the best rug pad for your cowhide rug.

If any of our suggestions have helped you, don’t forget to share your experience with us. Thanks!

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