Do You Put Vinyl Plank Flooring Under Appliances?

While decorating the home interior, the Vinyl Plank Flooring is among the most beautiful and decorated flooring options.

However, it is sensitive and needs some extra care. While installing the flooring all around the home interior, some people may get confused on whether the vinyl plank flooring can be used under the appliances. Or Can We Put Vinyl Plank Flooring under appliances? Here, we will get you out of the confusion by describing the do’s don’ts of Vinyl plank flooring.

Obviously yes, you can put vinyl plank flooring under the appliances. Nevertheless, there are some risks doing that. Read further to find out.

Why is Placing Heavy Appliances on Vinyl Flooring a Big Risk?

While you can put the vinyl flooring under the heavy appliances, here are the few risks:

Heavy Appliances May Cause the Vinyl Plank Flooring to Bubble or Lift Up:

One of the biggest risks while placing heavy appliances on vinyl floor is bubbling or uplifting. As the vinyl plank is a moving floor, the heavyweights of the kitchen appliances may cause the floor to create bubbles or make the floor lift up.

The reason of that is the heavy weight of the appliances stops the proper development and shifting of the vinyl plank floor.

The prevention makes the flooring to twist, lift up or create big bumps. Therefore destroying the grace of the expensive floor.

In addition to that, the bumps created may become the cause of tripping leading to minor or severe injuries. While you try to fix the damaged floor from that specific area, the process could be heavy on your pocket as well as tiring too. Moreover, there is no guarantee that it will not happen again.

Bubbling or Lift Up could happen again and you have go through the repairing process repeatedly. That is indeed a scary thought to think about.

Heavy Appliances Could Leave Scuffmarks and Can Scratch or Dent Your Vinyl Flooring:

Another big risk about placing heavy appliances on them is the fear of the flooring getting heavy dents or scratches. Placing the appliances directly can create worse scenarios for you.

Sometimes the scratches could end up becoming permanent and there is no way you can remove or repair them. In that case, you need to replace the planks, which is pretty expensive and costly procedure.

Though placing the heavy appliances directly is the biggest risk, you can still place them on while following and observing some precautionary measures. Doing that would save you your money and your time as well.

Find below some measures you should take care of before placing heavy weighted appliances.

How to Protect Vinyl Plank Flooring Under Heavy Appliances?

Put Glue on the Areas Under the Heavy Appliances

As may have heard or know Adhesives or Glues cannot be used on the Vinyl Plank Floors because the planks interlock with each other perfectly; you will still need to glue down the areas where heavy appliances are to be placed.

If you do not do so, the heavy weight of the appliances may cause your flooring to create big bumps or may lift up causing permanent damage.

As per the expert opinions, they always recommend gluing those areas where appliances are to be placed. Doing that will lessen the chances of your floor being twisted due to heavy weights of the appliances. The results will surely fall in your favor if you do that before placing the appliances.

Avoid Vinyl Floor Contact with Kitchen Cabinets or Walls

Out of the many ways to place the appliances on a vinyl floor, one of them is creating enough room for planks to shift or move. To do that, all you need is to avoid the direct contact of vinyl floor with the walls or kitchen cabinets.

For accurate results, you can do that at the time of installing the vinyl plank flooring. You need to give the planks enough space so that they avoid straight contact with the kitchen walls or cabinets. In this way, your vinyl planks will have sufficient space to move in any direction. Therefore avoiding the twisting or bubbling.

Use Furniture Pads under the Appliances to Avoid Scratches or Dents

In terms of durability and reliability, the Vinyl Plank Flooring is indeed the best option to go for while decorating your home interior.

Due to its long lasting properties, most of the homeowners adopt to go for the Vinyl flooring. However, this type of floor is quite sensitive and easily disposed to dents or scratches.

There is nothing more irritating or frustrating than seeing your beautiful floor destroyed by unwanted dents or scratches. The idea of placing heavy appliances on vinyl floor is never a good one. The heavy weights could cause dents or scratches.

To get rid of this disgusting factor, you should place the Furniture Pads under the heavy appliances to avoid any kind of damage to the floor like severe scratches or dent.

All you need to do is to place a furniture pad underneath each feet of the appliances. Furniture pad will act as a protective agent between your floor and appliances. Therefore protecting your floor against dents and scratches.

There are many great furniture pad options in the market but the most reliable and effective is the X-Protector Non Slip Furniture Pads. Using them underneath your appliances will make your floor scratch-free and dent-free. You need not to worry about repairing your floor anymore after placing these furniture pads.

You can find variety of sizes and options. These furniture pads are available for every appliance or furniture one can think of. Another positive thing about them is that these pads have felt backing, which is totally safe for Vinyl floor.

Caution: Do not use furniture pads with rubber backing. The rubber could react with your vinyl floor and may end up leaving a permanent residue or tough stain. Use only the felt-backed furniture pads to protect your floor.

Make Use of Furniture Sliders to Move Appliances

You may need to move your appliances across and most of the people normally pull or drag the appliances, which is a nightmare for your floating floor like the Vinyl Planks. The heavy weights could cause your floor to twist or lift-up leaving a scratch or hefty dent. Therefore giving you the unwanted results.

To your ease, we recommend you use Furniture Sliders to move your appliances across without causing any damage to your expensive floor. To assist further in this regard, we suggest you use the X-Protector Felt Furniture Sliders.

The best thing about these furniture sliders is they have the felt backing, which is smooth enough to glide your appliances across. The easy gliding and felt backing prevents your floor from getting any scratch or dent.

The sliders balance the weight of appliances and avoid the unnecessary pressure on one side of the appliance. In this way, appliances move across safely and effortlessly.

Make Use of Appliance Hand Truck to Move Appliances

Instead of pulling or dragging the appliance across, we recommend using the Appliance Hand Truck. It would be really unwanted and expensive to repair or replace the scratched or dented vinyl planks. Therefore, the best safety measure is to use a Hand Truck to move appliances across the Vinyl Plank floor.

You newly fitted flooring will stay safe by the use of hand truck that has rubber wheels on it. You can even move or shift your appliances upstairs or downstairs without any hassle using the appliance hand truck.

One thing you should look upon while selecting the hand truck is its load capacity. Most of the kitchen appliances are heavy and you will need a hand truck with high-load capacity.

For the best results and outcomes, we recommend you use the Harper Trucks 6781 Harper Appliance Hand Truck. That is one of the most suitable and durable options in the market that does the job extremely well. Equipped with the rubber wheels, the Harper Appliance Hand Truck will not cause any scratch or dent on your vinyl floor.

Talking about the features of this hand truck, it has single straps, which hold the appliance to the hand truck’s frame firmly. Adding to that, it has stair climbers that allow moving the appliances upstairs or downstairs effectively and effortlessly.

Out of all the positives about this product, the best one is that its cart has a loading capacity of 800 lbs. That is enough to hold and move even the heaviest of appliances. The carrying capacity allow you to move your heavy appliances like freezers, refrigerators, dryers, washers, cookers etc. with ease and hassle-free.

Final Thoughts about Do You Put Vinyl Plank Flooring Under Appliances

Being one of the most expensive and durable floorings, the Vinyl Plank Flooring just do not do well against the heavy appliances. Protecting the floor against bubbles, lift-up, scratch or dent; you should take precautionary measures before moving your appliances on it.

We have shared some best ways through which you can safely move your appliances across the vinyl plank flooring.

We hope this piece of content may have added to your know knowledge and may have assisted you. If this helped you, don’t forget to share your experience in the comments section below. Thanks. Happy Shopping.

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