How Do I Keep the Felt Pads on Chair Legs?

“How Do I Keep the Felt Pads on Chair Legs?”

Felt pads are a hand-made soft material extracted and manufactured from wool. While making a felt pad, wool is compressed and matted together.

As a result, you get a soft cushioning product that is used to protect your floors against heavy scratches, wear, and tear caused by the heavy weight of the furniture.

Talk about the brief history, the material used to make felt pads has a background of around 5000 years.

In older times, this soft fabric material was used in handicrafts, toys, and clothes. The soft properties make your expensive floors avoid heavy scratches from the furniture.

In terms of protecting your chair legs, felt pads are there to the rescue.

You may find the chair legs moving against the floor leaving behind itching scratches that may haunt you. Placing felt pads under the chair legs keep your floor safe from any kind of scratch, dent, or damage.

One thing consumers may notice about the felt pads is that they slide a little every time you sit on the furniture.

The hectic thing about them is that need to be placed at the exact place every time someone leaves the furniture. And they wear out quickly too. Due to that, they need to be replaced too soon.

What Are Some of the Best Felt Pad Types?

Knowing the benefits of placing the felt pads under your furniture, you may want to go for them as soon as possible.

However, before you choose from different options in the market, let us tell you the types of felt pads you can get for your furniture.

Self-Adhesive Felt Pads:

The self-adhesive felt pads are the easiest option to use under the furniture legs. They come with adhesive and dense glue that sticks firmly to the bottom of your furniture legs.

If you have a busy routine all day and don’t have enough time to secure your furniture. You are in luck with these adhesive felt pads. You just have to peel it off and stick to the bottom of your chair legs. You are done.

The only drawback of these felt pads is that they come off real quick. Therefore, you need to keep a look at them if they are still there or not.

If you are looking for the best Self-Adhesive felt pads, you can check out the Felt so good 8800E Self Adhesive Felt Furniture Pads and Shepherd Hardware Self-Adhesive Felt Furniture Pads. They are the best options out there.

Nailed-In Felt Pads:

Reliable and long-lasting, the nailed-in felt pads are heavy duty and durable which keep your floor and furniture safe. Talk about the design, the nail-in felt pads are thick and have a nail at the bottom to keep them in place under the furniture legs.

To install these felt pads in a proper, first you have to make a hole underneath your chair legs using a drill machine. For people who know DIY well will have no problem in installing them.

If not installed properly, your chair may stay unbalanced and you may feel discomfort. You will need to spend time and do smart work while installing them.

Once done properly, the felt pads will stay intact and stickled to the bottom for a long. You will get rid of the worry of checking them every time if they are in place or not.

If you are on the hunt to find the best nail-in felt pads, you can have a look at Nail-On Heavy Duty Nailed-In Felt Pads.

Step by Step Guide on How to Install Adhesive Felt Pads on Chair Legs Properly?

If you opted to go for the adhesive felt pads, you may want to know about the procedure to install the adhesive felt pads properly. Here, we will guide you some tips and ways through which you can install them error-free.

Step 1: Gather Up the Required Material

First, you need to gather four things that are essential for the proper installation of adhesive felt pads. You need to make sure you have these things ready:

  • Self-Adhesive Felt Pads
  • Denatured Alcohol
  • Glue Sticks
  • Hot Glue Gun

Step 2: Do Proper Bottom Cleaning of the Chair Legs

Take a piece of cloth and use the denatured alcohol to remove any debris or dust on the bottom of the chair legs.

Next, dry up the bottom area to ensure proper sticking of the felt pads.

If not cleaned and dried properly, the adhesive felt pads will not stick to the bottom firmly and may come-off after a while.

Step 3: Use Glue for Firm Grip and Extra Strength

Once you have accurately cleaned the bottom and dried it up completely. Now is the time to apply the hot glue on the bottom using the glue gun.

Just make sure you apply enough amount of glue overall area of the chair leg bottom. Do not leave any hollow spots during gluing. Cover the bottom precisely.

Step 4: Install the Self-Adhesive Felt Pads Now

After going through the rest of the procedure, now is the time to install the felt pads.

Place the felt pad accurately on the glued bottom and let it dry properly.

In this way, your self-adhesive felt pads will stay in place for long giving you no more headache of checking them all day.

Some Cautions and Tips for Your Felt Pads

  • Right Size: First thing to make sure while choosing the felt pads is the right size. Choosing the right thickness and size will properly fit the felt pads to the bottom of your chair legs.
  • Cleaning before Application: Make sure you clean the bottom precisely before applying the felt pads. You may not know about it but dirt, debris, or residue can ruin your felt pads and cause them to come off within no time. Assure of the proper cleaning before the application.
  • The 10-Second Rule: After you have applied the felt pads on the bottom, just keep them pressed in place for at least 10 seconds to intensify the power of the adhesives.
  • Regularly Check Your Felt Pads: Your felt pads tend to come off after some time no matter how strong adhesives you apply. They won’t get stuck for a lifetime. Make sure you keep checking the felt pads every month and do essential repairs if they start coming off.

Are There Any Alternatives to the Felt Pads? – Best Alternatives to Felt Pads

If you are not satisfied with the felt pads and want to get rid of them soon. You are at the right place. Here we will let you know about the best alternatives to felt pads.

However felt pads are a great option to secure your furniture leg and floor, you still need to repair and take care of them more often. Due to that, many people look for the alternatives to the felt pads to get rid of the extra care needed.

To your ease, we would say you could go for the Shepherd Hardware 8622E Leg Tips Rubber Chair Leg Caps.

They are probably the best alternative to the traditional felt pads. Made from natural rubber, these leg tips or leg caps will also do a great job securing your floor and furniture legs.

The easiest thing about these leg caps is that they are too easy to apply and do not need extra care or over watch every time.

Made from harmless silicon and rubber, the chair leg caps are best to use over hardwood and other expensive floors. They will not damage or cause any stain while also stopping the unnecessary movement.

Final Thoughts on How Do I Keep the Felt Pads on Chair Legs

Using the furniture pads underneath furniture legs is indeed a great and wise step in terms of securing your floor from scratches or dents. However, they can be annoying most of the time.

Through this piece of content, we have tried our best to ease the problem of keeping the felt pads intact.

If any of our tips assisted you, do not forget to share your experience and further suggestions in the comments section below. Thanks!

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