How to Fix Matted Carpet in High Traffic Areas?

Out of the many factors in increasing the internal beauty of a house, Carpet is the most prominent of them. A neat and clean carpet adds immense beauty wherever the place it is laid. While it increases the beauty of the surroundings, it is bound to catch dirt and dust quickly. Most people find it irritating if carpet catches the slightest of dirt.

They may be on the hunt to find the best ways on How to fix matted carpet in High traffic areas. Sometimes it becomes a pain in the head seeing your carpet wear out due to excessive stepping. The carpet loses its grace and charm and the fluff on it starts depreciating therefore giving a flattened look. That is quite awkward.

In terms of the highly trafficked Areas, Carpets mostly get worn out due to excessive foot stepping. For cleanliness-conscious people, a messy and dirty carpet could spoil their mood and they may think about fixing the matted carpets in the best possible way.

In comparison, a matted carpet’s surface is harder than the normal carpet. Matted ones have less fluff on them as compared to the normal ones. Harder and more foot stepping means matted carpets tend to look older and dirtier sooner than the normal carpet.

To ease people with this issue, below we have listed some best possible ways to fix matted carpets along with the necessary products to use in this purpose. Keep reading to find out!

4 Most Effective Ways to Fix Matted Carpet in High Traffic Areas

1. Don’t Forget to Vacuum The Carpet Regularly

The most necessary and important step after buying a matted carpet is the way you clean your carpet. As in the high traffic areas, you know better that the foot stepping is excessive and you need to keep the carpets clean to increase their lifespan. Therefore, it is important to vacuum your carpets on regular basis. At least once a week.

Though it is a global belief, that vacuum not only removes the dust, but also renovates the fiber and fluff on the carpet. That is true. Vacuuming the carpet the right way will ensure the removal of every dust particle, mud or any kind of debris effecting the overall look of the matted carpet.

In general, a muddy portion of the carpets looks more visible than the cleaner one. And it ruins the surroundings as well.

In Market, there are plenty of good quality vacuum cleaners, which can be used to clean any kind of carpet thoroughly. If you are on the lookout for the best vacuum cleaner for matted carpets, have a look at BISSELL Turboclean Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer.

The upright model from the BISSELL features a 4-Row Dirt Lifter Power Brush along with a Great Suction Unit make it easy for you to clean the stubborn dirt, toughest of stains and even the mess your pet made with the carpet.

Few Reasons you can consider BISSELL Turboclean Carpet Cleaner:

  • Powerful 4-Row Dirt Lifter Powerbrush
  • Powerful Suction Unit
  • Easy to Handle and Carry

After completely removing the dust and stains on the carpet, your next step is to use the BISSELL Oxy Formula with the Turboclean machine to give your carpet a new and fresher look. The results you get after this combination will surely impress and astonish you.

After thoroughly cleaning your carpet by the above-mentioned steps, your next step should be to find the best way to fluff-up your carpet. Do not worry.

We have got you covered in that aspect too. To fluff up the carpet, you can use Carpet Rake, which is the most effective way ever known until now. Lets discuss on how you can use Carpet Rake to fluff up your matted carpet.

2. Fluff-Up the Carpet using Carpet Rake

Carpet Rake is equipment used to refresh and revive the fiber and fluff on the matted carpet thus giving a newer and fresher look. Its main purpose is to loosen up the stiff fiber and make them straight enough to remain intact and soft.

Once all the dirt and stains have been removed from the carpet, it is now the time to give your carpet a bouncy and fluffy look. For this purpose, you can use a Carpet Rake to refresh the fluff and fiber on the carpet. Adding to that, the Carpet Rake brings the heavy and stuck dirt upfront for easier cleaning afterwards. The basic application of this tool is to kick out the stubborn dirt, stains or any kind of debris from the base of the carpet. The cleaning becomes much easier after using the tool.

To relieve you from the hectic job of finding the best carpet rake, we recommend you use Roberts Carpet Rake & Groomer.

Probably the best one in the market, the Roberts Carpet Rake is the most efficient when it comes to removing any kind of dust, scrap or debris as compared to the regular traditional broom. The rake can even pick out the tiniest and toughest dust particles for easier cleaning.

Another plus is that it has long handle so you do not have to worry about having a back pain while cleaning. The long handle ensures your body remains straight and stable.

To use it properly, follow these instructions below:

  • While cleaning, push the Carpet Rake in front and back directions.
  • Keep pushing it back and forth until the fiber on the carpet becomes straight and standing upright.

To make the cleaning easier, we suggest you to the Vacuum first and then use the rake for cleaner and fresher look.

3. Keep Your Matted Carpet Moisturized

Out of the many methods in reviving the matted carpets, applying moisture is another method to look upon. Apply enough amount of moisture on the carpet and then use the brush afterward to straighten up the stranded fiber.

To get the best results while cleaning, spray lukewarm water to keep the carpet moisturized. Avoid splashing the water directly as it would lead to the water reaching the base of the carpet which may cause the carpet pad to rot and become stinking later.

Remember to spray the water gently. Once the carpet is moisturized enough, use the nylon brush to make the fiber straight and standing.

Another reason why your carpet became matted is basically due to the furniture feet which could have bad results if not cleaned properly on time. Heavy pressure from big furniture like couch, recliner, dressing and bed make the fiber on the carpet pressed and dented.

Applying some ice cubes on the dented portion of the carpet can revive and restore the carpet to its original shape. After the ice cube is melted, use the nylon brush to comb the carpet and bring back it to its original shape.

Another suggestion to avoid dent or pressing on the carpet is to regularly changing the place of the furniture. Keeping the furniture at one place for longer periods is same as splashing the water directly on the carpet. In both cases, the results are disastrous. While this suggestion looks more hectic and irritating to most of people, we have another trick to bypass this method.

To please your mood, we would like to tell you that you can evade the carpet matting without the need to reposition the furniture. Yes, you can do it.

Felt Furniture Pads is the invention you should be thankful to for making your task easier. These pads actually work as a strong protection between the carpet and furniture feet. Thus leaving no chance of the indentations caused by the heavy press from the furniture. Another plus of these pads is that they protect your carpet from wear and tear occurred because of furniture feet.

Next question you may think about could be finding the best moisturizer for the carpet. For your ease, we would recommend the X-Protector Felt Furniture Pads to moisturize your carpet. We hope you will find your task done using this product.

Let us discuss another method on How to Fix Matted Carpet in High Traffic Areas. Keep reading below:

4. Iron Your Matted Carpet Using Clothes Iron

Though its among the oldest and most traditional ways of restoring the matted carpets but ironing the carpet using a clothes iron is one of the most effective ways with great results. Another plus of this method is that it gives an astonishingly new and fresher look to your carpet. The steps to iron the carpet are easy and anyone can do it. Find one by one steps below:

  • Take a white piece of cloth (lint-free) and wet it a little bit. Don’t wet it heavily. You may end up soaking your carpet. So be careful in wetting the cloth.
  • Set the thermostat of the cloth iron to medium heat.
  • Place the wet piece of cloth on top of the matted portion of the carpet.
  • Start ironing the cloth gently. The mixture of heat and moisture will loosen up and soften the fiber, thus removing any kind of stranded fiber.
  • If you have a large matted area on the carpet, you must use a bigger white lint-free cloth, which should cover up the matted area completely.
  • After ironing, if you find some fiber still stranded, you can use the nylon brush to straighten them until they are standing upright.

How to Fix Matted Carpet in High Traffic Areas – Final Verdict

So, there you see. Fixing a matted carpet in high traffic areas is no more a tough task now. It was not that hard, as it seemed. Right? Don’t forget to clean your carpets using Carpet Rake. The best trick is to keep your surroundings clean to avoid matting your carpet and reduce the need of cleaning it regularly.

We hope this piece of content could have helped you and you may find the above-mentioned methods beneficial and effective. Happy Cleaning.

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