How to Repair Chipped Laminate Flooring?

In case your laminate flooring got damaged due to scratches, chippings or moisture-damaged planks, either way you have to fix the flooring. You can do the repair project all by yourself by right tools and techniques.

Though the laminate flooring is tough and durable, there could be many reasons your floor got chipped. You may be wondering how to repair chipped laminate flooring precisely.

However, before we go for the right ways to repair chipped laminate flooring, we must go through the factors that cause the floor to have minor or major chippings. Let us have a look at the possible reasons.

Possible Reasons Why Your Laminate Flooring Got Chipped?

A chipped laminate floor looks odd and destroys the overall appearance of the living room. To get the things right, here are the most probable causes of floor chipping.

Wrong Installation:

One of the probability your floor got chipped is the improper and wrong way of installation. In most of the cases during the installation process, chipping happens to occur at the edges against the wall.

While stacking the planks side by side, even the slightest of the mistakes could cause the floor chipped. That mostly happens when people fail to align the planks straight with the walls.

The causes the laminate floor to get chipped and look odd.

Unintentional Drops:

Dropping an object unintentionally could also cause your floor to get chipped. Another damage you could get due to accidental dropping is the dent that could cost you many dollars.

Using Heavy Machinery over the Flooring:

As according to the flooring standards, use of heavy machinery over the laminate flooring is strictly prohibited.

Using the heavy machinery could leave heavy dents, scratches and chipping due to the friction. Few things that aren’t meant to be used on laminate flooring. Heavy machinery is one of them.

Water Damage:

The absorption of moisture and water in the laminate flooring can also causing chipping and swollen boards. Within no time, all of your boards will start being chipped.

Try keeping the water off your laminate flooring.

Hard Plastic Made Toys:

Another thing that could cause floor chipping is the use hard plastic toys. Use of these kind of toys could also damage the laminate finish on the floor. Resulting in disastrous outcomes.

How to Fix/Repair Chipped Laminate Flooring?

As you have gone through the possible reasons of floor chipping, now is the time you learn how to repair chipped laminate flooring easily all by yourself.

Many people would recommend replacing the planks but that is the last and final solution if rest of the solutions failed.

Here are the few solutions you can go for before going for the final fix.

The Acrylic Filler:

The first solution to fix your chipped floor is the use of Acrylic Filler on the laminate floor.

The Acrylic Filler is a silicone sealant that is commonly used to fix the chipped laminate, hardwood and wooden flooring.

The acrylic properties allow it to be painted according to the color of the floor to hide the repairs. That makes it the ideal option for indoor or outdoor repairs.

Talk about the material, the silicone sealant is resistant to moisture and varying temperatures (either High or Low). Therefore, there is no worry of it getting melted or frozen. Stays intact.

To use the filler to fix the floor, follow these steps:

  • Clean and Dry out the chipped area on the laminate floor.
  • Apply the Acrylic Filler on the chipped area and flatten it level with the floor.
  • Let the sealant dry properly.
  • Now paint the matching color on it to blend it properly with the floor color. You can also use the permanent market to paint it. Just make sure the paint matches the color of your laminate floor.

As of now, the best Acrylic Filler in the market is Red Devil Acrylic Asphalt Crack Filler Sealant.

Wood Filler:

The next thing on the road to fix the chipped laminate flooring is the Wood Filler. It is probably the best fixing option when it comes to repairing minor scratches, cracks and chipping.

The wood fillers come in various finishes to match most of the floor. If you are unable to find the best match for your laminate flooring, you can paint it according to the color of your floor.

To apply the wood filler precisely, follow these steps below:

  • First, clean and dry the chipped area properly.
  • Apply the wood filler sealant on the chipped area and flatten it with any flat item or a putty knife.
  • Give the time to wood filler to dry up properly.
  • Apply the Polyethylene coating if needed.

Some of the best wood fillers you can get from the market are:

  • Minwax Stainable Wood Filler
  • Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Filler
  • Gorilla All Purpose Wood Filler

Wood Finish Stain Marker:

Though its not a proper fix but stain markers can hide and cover the scratches on your chipped floor.

You can use the Stain Pencil just like a normal pencil to manually cover up the scratched area. These markers could also work to disguise the chipped floor and work quite effectively.

For the best results, you can use the Minwax Wood Finish Stain Marker with the floor matching color to blend it properly with the laminate floor.

Glue and Saw Dust:

Another fix you can do to repair your chipped laminate floor is the use of Glue and Saw Dust.

To apply this method precisely, you have to apply the Sanding on a Sawdust. Not on the laminate floor but on a sawdust. Follow these steps below to do it properly:

  • Gather up the glue and few sawdust.
  • Glue down the chipped area and sprinkle sawdust on it afterwards.
  • Make the mixture flat using a putty knife and let it dry properly.
  • Now apply a light sand on the sprinkled sawdust.
  • Now paint it accordingly to match the color of your laminate flooring.

Replace the Laminate Boards/Planks:

If one or many of your boards/planks are in extremely bad shape and cannot be repaired anyway, you may need to replace the damaged board or plank.

You can go through the traditional ways to replace the damaged planks with the new ones.

How to Prevent Chipped Laminate Flooring?

How To Prevent Chipped Laminate Flooring?

As we know the possible reasons of laminate floor chipping and effective ways to fix them, now is the time to know what you can do to prevent chipped laminate flooring.

Use Furniture Pads:

Movement of furniture over the laminate flooring could also be the reason for floor chipping.

Use of furniture pads under the furniture legs is an effective way of preventing floor chipping. If you move the furniture more often, you should use the furniture pads to avoid scratches, dents or chipped floor.

Spending your money on furniture pads to protect your laminate flooring is one of the best investments you can do. That would save you lot of money in the longer run.

Use Rugs to Protect Your Floor:

Placing a rug on your laminate floor acts as a great safety measure to protect your expensive flooring. Your floor will stay free from the scratches, dents and chipping from the unintentional object drop. The soft material of the rug will absorb the falling impact keeping your floor safe.

Apart from that, you can also use the rugs and carpets to hide the chipped areas on the floor. It is a pretty simple and easy way to hide the uneven and damaged planks or boards on your laminate floor.

In addition to that, placing a rug adds great comfort and appealing looks to your room. That is a great value to your money.

Final Thoughts on How to Repair Chipped Laminate Flooring

In most of the cases, a chipped laminate floor looks pretty ugly and disastrous. You could use furniture pads to protect your floor against the furniture stains.

You can also use rug, carpet, wood filler or Stain marker to hide the scratches, dents or chipping on the floor. All of these fixing methods have their respective pros without having any cons.

Now that you know all about repairing and maintaining your laminate flooring, we hope this piece of content could prove helpful and beneficial to you.

If any of our fixing ways have assisted you, do share your experience with us. If you have any further suggestions or recommendations, you can tell us in the comments below. Thanks.

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