How to Secure Area Rug on Top of Carpet?

In terms of decorating your home interior, placing a complete Wall-to-wall carpet is indeed the best option to go for.

Nevertheless, it is expensive and needs some extra care to keep the carpet intact and in shape.

The benefits of using a full room carpet are that it keeps the room temperature moderate due to the insulation as well as also keeps the stepping easy and comfortable.

One drawback of using full floor carpet is that replacement or repair costs a lot once it is worn out.

So in order to get rid of this scenario, people adopt to for the area rugs, which is easy on the pocket too. You don’t have to break the bank to lay the area rugs.

Selecting and laying a perfect area rug not only hides the unwanted and stubborn stains but also provides comfort and luxury.

However, area rugs also wear out creating greater chances of tripping leading to injuries. To prevent possible injuries and hazards, one should place a high-quality rug pad between the floor and area rug.

Doing this will not only prevent your area rug from tripping and slipping but will also avoid serious injuries.

Placing a rug pad underneath the area rug is the best way to avoid wear & tear and injury hazards.

Below, we will discuss why you need to place a rug pad to keep the area rug safe. Keep Reading!

Why Do You Need a Rug Pad for Your Area Rug?

Your living room may give a disgusting look due to the unwanted stains or damaged areas. A full-carpeted room is prone to damages and stains if the foot traffic is high.

You need to take some wise steps to overcome the bad looks, which should be easy on the pocket too.

To do that, just place a high quality rug pad on the damaged or affected area and that is it. You are done. The personality of your room will get back to where it was. But beware not to use the rug pads with rubber backing.

The rubber backing will destroy your carpet underneath leaving behind residue and tough stains. So better to avoid the ones with the rubber backing.

Best practice is to use the rug pad with felt backing. It won’t cause any kind of damage or stain on your carpet.

To describe even further, here are the few reasons why we recommend using a rug pad (not the rubbed-backed) under the area rug. Doing that will make your area rug and carpet:

Avoid Wear and Tear

The carpet fibers wear out due to excessive rubbing of hard backing of the area rug. Especially in the high traffic areas, your floor carpet eventually gets worn out way before the expectation.

Using the rug pad will keep your carpet safe as well as the area. The wear and tear will reduce to maximum possible extent.

Avoid the Furniture Marks

Some heavy furniture like the dining room furniture, tables, chairs and some others leave behind a heavy and deep dent on your floor carpet.

The dent is deep enough to damage your carpet permanently. Placing a rug pad will provide enough cushioning to keep the marks away from rooting deep onto the carpet.

Avoid Twisting and Curling

Your Area rug’s edges may be curled due to heavy and excessive stepping and rippling.

A high quality rug pad placed under your area rug on top of the floor carpet will avoid the twisting and curling of your area rug.

Therefore avoiding rug warping and keeping the shape intact.

Provide Better Insulation and Soundproofing

Placing a rug pad between your area rug and carpet will improve room insulation against the temperature and provide great soundproofing.

Alongside the soundproofing, the noise reduction will increase providing a quieter and more relaxing environment.

There you have it. Now you know better why you need a rug pad and how to secure area rug on top of carpet.

There are many benefits of it. However, there are few things you need to look for before buying a rug pad. See below.

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Rug Pad

When you are on the hunt to find the best rug pad for your carpet, you may have come through a product called the carpet tape.

Many consumers recommend using it to grip the area rug on the floor. But let me tell you that using a double sided carpet tape for sticking the rug to the floor is beneficial and only applicable in case of floorings like Vinyl, Laminated, Hardwood and natural stone made floors.

The carpet tape is not meant to be used directly on the floor carpet.

While that is the case, some carpet tape manufacturers also claim that there will be no damage to the floor carpet if carpet tape is used on it. Still that is not true.

Here are the few reasons why you should not use the carpet tape directly on the wall-to-wall carpet.

  • Rug Tape or Carpet Tape leaves a stubborn residue and heavy stains on your carpet that are extremely difficult to remove afterwards.
  • The chemicals and synthetics used in the carpet tape eventually break down by the time causing damage to the carpet fibers.
  • The adhesives used in the carpet tape often react with the carpet fibers leaving behind tough and heavy stains, worn-out spots and stubborn residue.
  • Any kind of spills or liquids on the carpet will neutralize the stickiness of the carpet tape. Making it non-effective.
  • The adhesives in the carpet tape leave only for 6 months. They need to be replaced afterwards.

So, the best way to protect the area rug on top of carpet is to invest your dollars on a high-quality rug pad. You don’t need to use carpet tape on a high-end rug pad.

The rug pad keeps itself stickled to the surface. If cared for properly, a high quality rug pad could make your area rug and carpet last for staggering figure of 10 years.

What is the Best Rug Pad for Carpet?

While on the lookout for the best high-quality rug pad to use on your wall-to-wall carpet, you need to look for the product with specific material, which should not damage your carpet.

Regardless of the backing, the rug pad you use on carpet won’t slip due to firm grip with carpet fibres.

For that, you don’t need an anti-slip rug pad. Though the backing of rug pad do not matter, we suggest you should stay away from the rubber-backed rug pads. The damages they cause are described above.

While on the hunt for rug pads to use on top of floor carpet, things you should look upon are:

  • Avoid using a waffle-cut rug pad. They catch the dirt and debris easily leaving a dirty layer between your carpet and rug pad.
  • Look for the rug pad with needle-punched felt backing. This type of rug pad is breathable which allows the air to pass through. Therefore preventing any dirt or debris to absorb on the rug pad.
  • Avoid the rug pads with synthetic material backings. They leave permanent stains and non-cleanable residue.
  • Opt for the rug pad with natural material backing. Mainly the rug pads with 100% pure jute and felt backing are recommended to be used on top of the carpet. They will not slip or shift and stay in place. Therefore preventing any waving or rippling. In addition, the felt and jute backing will not leave any stain, flake or residue on your carpet.

Knowing all the facts about the best rug pads, we recommend you use either one from

  • Grip-It Magic Stop Non-Slip Pad for Rugs Over Carpet
  • Mohawk Home Non Slip Gripper 1/4 Thick Dual Surface Rug Pad
  • RUGPADUSA – Ultra Black Thick – Felt + Rubber – Non-Slip Cushion Rug Pad

They fit perfectly under most of the area rugs. If you cannot find the perfect size, you can use a regular scissors to cut it off according to your requirement.

The material used in these rug pads is completely safe for carpets and won’t leave any stain or residue.

Some Queries People May Think About

After knowing all the facts about the rug pads, there are still some questions people may have in their minds. To assist people in choosing the best rug pads, here are few tips.

How Can I Know What Size Rug Pad Do I Need for My New Area Rug?

To select the accurate and exact rug pad size, you should take proper measurements around the edges of your area rug. Keep in mind to use rug pad which at least 1 inch smaller than the area rug on all four sides.

If you lay the rug pad, which is exactly same the size of your area rug, there are great chances it will cause tripping leading to injuries.

Just make sure your rug pad is 1 inch smaller than the size of area rug.

Will Cheap Rug Pads Damage My Hardwood Floor?

Yes. Cheap rugs will surely ruin and damage your hardwood floor. The synthetics in them eventually breakdown by the time causing scuffs and toxic fumes.

The strong adhesives in them leave behind heavy stains and sticky residue on your expensive flooring. Therefore costing you a lot of money on repair or replacement.

The best advice is to use the rug pads with non-reactive and natural backings like Jute, Felt or the Natural Rubber. They will not react or cause any damage to your luxurious floor.

Do My Shag Rug Need a Rug Gripper?

Yes. That is necessary thing to do. You can use the all-natural material backed rug pad to maximize the grip and luxury of your shag rug. You can opt for the rug pads with Jute, Felt or Natural Rubber backing.

How Can I DIY an Anti-Fatigue Mat using a Rug Pad?

In terms of foot and back-pain relief, an Anti-Fatigue mat is the best option to go for. Yes, you can DIY your anti-fatigue mat by using Carpenter Visco-Elastic Memory Foam, and Spillguard DuPont Barrier Rug Pad. To do it properly, follow the steps:

  • First thing to do is to place your rug on the worktable.
  • Mark the proper measurements on your rug pad using Pencil and a Ruler.
  • Next, Use the regular scissor to cut off the rug pad according to the markings. (Keep the left-over)
  • Make Four 8 × 8 sized squares from the leftover rug pad.
  • Glue down the squares underneath the mat for added comfort.
  • Place the Mat in its proper place and you are done.

For the best results, shift your standing spot on the mat to regularize the blood flow.

How often should I vacuum my area rug layered on carpeting?

Subject to the foot traffic flow and type of the area rug used, the vacuuming time may vary. The best practice is to vacuum your area rug at least twice in a week.

In case of the area rugs layered on carpeting, you should remove the area rug and vacuum the rug pad first to remove any chances of it catching dirt or debris.

If you have a needle-cut rug pad, you may need to vacuum it only once or twice. As it catches lesser dirt, the vacuuming procedure every week or month is not necessary. However, make sure to go through the product manual for proper cleaning and vacuuming procedure.

Are there any eco-friendly and sustainable rug pads out there?

Yes. There are many rug pad options in the market, which are heavily sustainable and eco-friendly. The most prominent and promising ones of them are:

  • nuLOOM Ultra-Premium Eco Friendly Non-Slip Felt Thick Rug Pad
  • Con-Tact Eco-friendly Non-Slip Area Rug Pad

Final Verdict on How to Secure Area Rug on Top of Carpet

Securing the area rug on top of the carpet is easy. Isn’t it? We hope this article has helped you a lot in finding the right ways to keep the area rugs safe on top of the floor carpet.

We have tried our best to help you with your problem.

If our tips and recommendations made you make the best and right decision, don’t forget to tell us and share your experience in the comments section. Thanks. Happy Shopping!

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