How Your Climate Can Affect Your Flooring?

With variant climate and weather across the country, that is wise to look out for the best flooring options, which can sustain every weather.

Keeping in mind the climate changes, one could think about how your climate can affect your flooring. Yes, some floors could be effected due to varying climate conditions.

Best advice is to go for the flooring that has the ability to survive every weather whether it is too cold or too hot. For instance, you can see the effect of climate changes on hardwood or laminated floors. They expand and fluctuate according to the weather.

Therefore, here the confusion is how do you know which flooring is best for your home and climate around. We will assist you in selecting the best flooring that suits your home and climate.

The Effects of Climate Changes and Weather on Your Flooring

Tile Flooring:

Probably one of the best options to go for when it comes to surviving the climate changes, the Tile Flooring has the tendency to bear every weather.

Be it the Stone, Ceramic or the Porcelain tiles, each one of these is bound to sustain the weather and remain in shape.

Talk about the humid and warm climates, Tiles are great as they have cooling properties. Even in the hottest of weather conditions, tile flooring will provide relief and soothing effect to your foot and body. They are soft to touch too.

In terms of cold weather, you may want to look for other flooring options because tiles are made from cooling material and are not suitable for winters.

Another Con you must look upon is if you live in an area where earthquakes occur mostly, you may need to keep the tiles off your home.

The reason is that tiles crack too easy and quickly during the earthquake that may cost you lot of money for repairs/replacements afterwards.

Now that you know the effects of climate on tile flooring, it is best advised to use tile flooring in the earthquake-free and mid-temperature areas for longer sustainability.

Luxurious Vinyl Floor:

Available in different designs, shapes and quality, the luxurious vinyl flooring promises best sustainability and performance in the cold climate.

Comes in Tile, Sheet and Planks style, the Vinyl flooring resembles the stone and wood designs and adds immense beauty to your home interior.

In terms of survival, the vinyl flooring is the best option to go for if you have a cold climate around. The vinyl does not contract, expand or fluctuate even in the coldest of the weather.

The material is exceptionally strong, durable and easy to clean. A little warmer on the upper surface, the vinyl floor is best suitable for the people who are looking for radiant heat under the floors.

Here it is, that is what Vinyl flooring has to offer. The tough, durable, easy to clean and heated material makes it the best choice for areas with cold climate.

Wall-To-Wall Carpet:

The best economical and budget-friendly flooring option, Carpets have the tendency to bear and withstand every kind of weather.

As far as the cold weather is considered, the carpet fibers absorb and sustain the cold climate pretty well. The fibres insulate your room efficiently and give you feeling as if you are having a foot blanket. Therefore keeping the room temperature and surrounding moderate and survivable.

For warm or damp weather conditions, some extra care is required on wall-to-wall carpets. Unlike the cold weather, the carpet fibers absorb the moisture from the air, which results rise in room temperature, as well as your carpet, getting mold and mildew.

We ain’t saying that you should not use carpet in warm areas but you just need to do some extra care and regular cleaning of the carpet to avoid above mentioned scenarios.

In short, the carpets are suitable for every weather but just the difference is that they need extra maintenance in warm and damp weather.

Hardwood Floor:

You may get confused upon knowing that hardwood floors behave differently in different weather conditions.

If you live in an area where weather conditions are extreme, you may need to avoid placing hardwood floors.

For example, if the climate is too dry, your hardwood floor could crack and be damaged due to excessive heat.

If the surroundings have too much damp or humid weather, the hardwood floor could get swollen and warped.

Regardless of that, you can still install the hardwood floor in these areas. All you need to do is the simple task of installing a high-quality sealant. Doing that will completely seal off your floor. Therefore making it sustainable in any kind of weather. Here are some of the best floor sealants:

  • Miracle Sealants PLUS QT 511 Porous Plus Sealer
  • Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Liquid
  • Zep – ZUFSLR128 Stain Resistant Floor Sealer

Before installing the hardwood floor, you must consult and take advice from a professional about the specific type of finishes to be adapted depending on the type of weather.

In this way, you would be able to enjoy your luxurious hardwood flooring.

Laminated Floor:

One of the most beautiful and affordable flooring option, the Laminated floor is indeed a great choice for adding glamour to your home interior.

Just like the Vinyl floor, this one too represents and boasts the wood designs and feels like the one has installed the real hardwood floor.

For people who love wooden floors but have limited budget, laminated floor is there to fulfill your needs. Just as the vinyl floor insulates and provides heated comfort to your feet, the laminated floor also does the same. If you need extra insulation, you can do that while installing the floor.

Talk about the weather sustainability, the laminated floor is best suitable for the cold weather conditions. As the insulation provides relief to the feet and keeps the room temperature normal, it is the best choice for areas with extremely cold climates.

If you live in a wet area, where water seeps in, then should take proper precautions while installing the laminated floor.

If somehow water seeped through the joint, where the laminate encounters the wall, the floor planks tend to twist and expand at that specific point.

If that happens, it is time for you to break the bank and replace the planks. So apply proper precautionary measures in the wet areas to stop the water from seeping through the joints.

Final Thoughts on How Your Climate Affects Your Flooring

Final Thoughts On How Your Climate Affect Your Flooring?

Now that you know the effect of climate on each of the flooring options out there, we hope this piece of information may have assisted you in taking the right decision.

With proper precautionary measures and regular cleaning, each one of these floors will sustain their respective weather conditions longer than your expectation.

If that any of the points helped you in choosing the right product, don’t forget to tell us about your experience. We would heartily appreciate that. Thanks

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