What Are The Best Flooring Types for Kids?

While decorating the home interior, flooring is one of the many basics. You can go either for expensive flooring or the cheap one.

When you have kids or toddlers at home, it is recommended to break the bank and go for the expensive yet safe flooring. Because in this article we tell you about What Are The Best Flooring Types for Kids?

Cheap floorings come with low-quality material, which may have toxic chemicals or allergenic elements. They could pose a serious health hazard to your kids at home.

To keep your kids and family in the best health, we would say you should spend dollars and install high-quality and hygienic flooring.

Expensive and luxurious flooring does not have any kind of toxic chemicals or allergenic material in them. Therefore ensuring proper health safety for your kids, toddlers and old-age people.

Keeping in mind all the facts it is important to make the right decision. Choosing the right flooring that is safe and durable is important for your family’s health and safety. Below here, we will guide you about the best flooring types for kids.

What Are The Best Flooring Types for Kids?

The Luxurious Vinyl and Laminated Floors:

When you talk about luxury, Vinyl and Laminated Floors are the options that come in mind at first. Without a doubt, both of these flooring types are high quality yet affordable. Especially for the areas like Kitchen where tiny foot stepping is excessive, Vinyl and Laminate floors are the best selections.

Staying easy on your pocket, both of these floors offer great safety from tripping hazards. In terms of health, these floors are very hygienic. There is no such kind of toxic chemicals or allergenic elements, which cause health issues or illnesses.

That makes them the ideal and best flooring options with kids in-house. Back in the 80s, Vinyl and Laminate floors only had limited designs. As of today now, you can choose from a many design varieties.

Talk about their properties, both these floors are waterproof, scratch-resistant and durable. You won’t have to worry about your kids getting ill wandering on these floors. They will stay safe and in the best of their health.

At first, the prices may look expensive to you but you should think about it in the longer run.

Installing cheap flooring will cost you money on repairs/replacements every year. That is not the case with the Vinyl and Laminate floorings. They offer great value to your money and are long-lasting too.

You can let your kids or toddlers wander on these floors all day without having to worry about any health hazards.

The Graceful and Eco-Friendly Hardwood Floors:

Hardwood floors are always everyone’s favorite. They are beautiful, elegant, and durable and provide great safety from tripping and slipping.

However, a hardwood floor is a best-suited option for a family having more adults and young people.

In case of kids or toddlers, hardwood floor is more prone to scratches, fading or discolouration. As the floor is sensitive, continuous tiny stepping could scratch the floor.

However, that is not necessary. Sometimes the hardest of impacts could not damage the floor. Sometimes the slightest of touches scratch the floor. It’s all luck. Nevertheless, this cannot prove that hardwood floors are not recommended with kids in-house.

You can go for it but you will need to do some extra care to keep it damage-free. If you are fond of wooden floor design, an alternative you can look over is the vinyl floor.

You can choose the wood design from the vinyl designs to match the same looks like the hardwood floor.

In the end, if a hardwood floor is still your priority. You can break your bank and go for it. But remember to take extra care of it. And yes, it’s safe and hygienic for your kids.

Traditional Tiled or Stone Flooring:

In terms of safety, tiled or stone flooring are less likely options as they are hard and slippery. In contrary to that, there are several ceramic and porcelain floor tiles available in the market, which are water-resistant, durable and safe.

Still, they are not suitable to be used in the kid’s playroom or living room. They are supposed to be used traditionally like in the bathrooms. That’s the perfect place for them.

Various design and colour options make tile flooring a good option for decorating the kid’s bathroom. But not the living room. Installing them in the playroom will lead to head injuries. So, never apply this type of flooring in the kid’s or oldie’s living room.

The Comfy Carpet:

Talking honest, kids or toddlers at home are bound to fall or slip all day. Even if they do not fall, they are more likely to throw toys, pets or spill liquids on the floor. That could lead to damage.

In that scenario, a carpet is a better option. The spills on the carpet are easy to clean and washable with a damp cloth. In addition, carpets are less expensive than hardwood or any other luxurious flooring.

Carpets are soft and comfortable and pose no danger or hazard to your kids. If you are concerned about your carpet getting permanent stains, then don’t worry. There are many carpet options in the market, which are easy to clean and stain-free.

So, why not go for the comfortable carpet to save your kids. That would save you your dollars too.

Some Tips for Your Growing Kids

Some Tips For Your Growing Kids?

Your kids are growing rapidly faster and you need a quick and budget-friendly option to save your kids from injury hazards, do not worry. We have some tips that could prove useful for you.

  • Lay down the play carpets or rubber mats in the kid’s playroom to save them from the injuries caused by falling on the floor.
  • You can place Activity Rugs or Foam Tiles to save your kids.
  • You can place a Floor Mattress to let your kid relax during naptime.

Final Verdict – What Are the Best Flooring Types for Kids

As the kids continue growing up, their chances of tripping and falling increase by the time. To save them from any kind of injury hazards, we have explained in detail the best flooring types for kids.

Seeing your budget and safety features offered, you can go for any one of these flooring options. Each one of them will guarantee safety to your kids.

If any of our suggestions has assisted you in taking the right decision, don’t forget to tell us about your experience. We would heartily appreciate that. Thanks!

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