What Backing is Not Good for Vinyl Plank Flooring?

“What Backing is Not Good for Vinyl Plank Flooring?”

Vinyl Flooring is the best option to go for while decorating your home interior when money is not an issue.

But if you want the flooring to last for long, there are some precautionary measures you should take care of to keep the Vinyl Flooring safe and avoid wear and tear.

The first thing to be taken care of is to avoid placing a rug on the vinyl floor. Several types of rugs in the market have a specific type of backing which is not good for vinyl floors.

They cause severe damage to it. People may get conscious about what backing is not good for vinyl plank flooring. For their ease, we will guide them about dos and don’ts on the vinyl floor.

Try to avoid placing a rug as much as possible. Nevertheless, if a rug becomes necessary, then read the content to know about what rug backing is safe and what is not.

What Rug Backing is Not Safe for Vinyl Plant Flooring?

While there, are many rugs in the market with each of them having a different type of backing? I would say the ones with rubber backing are not safe and cause severe damage to your vinyl flooring.

You will often find the tough yellow stains after removing rugs with the rubber backing. In addition, they are not cleanable too.

The reason for that is the chemical reaction of the rubber with the vinyl on the floor. That could happen with you too if you do not take precautionary measures.

Previously I had no idea about the rubber-backed rugs causing this much damage to the luxurious flooring.

Though the proper reason is not known, our experience is that the rugs with rubber backing are not suitable and are totally unsafe for expensive floorings like Vinyl Flooring, Laminated Flooring, Bamboo Flooring, and Linoleum Flooring.

So, never ever make the mistake of placing a rubber-backed rug on any of your fancy and expensive floorings.

What Rug Backing is Safe for Vinyl Plank Flooring?

As far as our experience with the rugs is concerned, we would never ever recommend the rugs with rubber backing to be placed on the vinyl flooring. We had disastrous results doing the mistake.

If you are curious about knowing what rug backing is safe for Vinyl Plank Flooring. The answer is the rugs with felt backing are very safe for vinyl flooring.

You can go for felt-backed rugs without any doubts or confusion. They are completely safe and will not leave any stain or cause any damage to your expensive flooring. That is for sure.

There is no need to wander here and there to find the right product. Just place the one with felt backing like the RUGPADUSA Felt-Backed Safe Rug.

Why do We recommend the RUGPADUSA Felt-Backed Safe Rug Pad?

While we guide you through, you may think about why are we recommending and focusing on the RUGPADUSA Rug pad. Here are a few reasons for the recommendation:

Avoids Fading or Discoloration of The Floor:

The best and the most beneficial fact about this rug pad is that it does not cause any kind of damage to your floorings like fading or discoloration. The backing is completely safe for any kind of luxurious flooring.

Fading or discoloration occurs only when you use rug pads having rubber backing. The chemicals in rubber react with the vinyl or floor polish, which in result causes discoloration or fading.

That mostly happens when you place the rubber-backed rug pads in direct sunlight or in high-traffic areas. Contrary, that is not the case with felt-backed rug pads.

They are very safe for your floor no matter whether they are placed in high traffic areas or the direct sunlight. The results you get will be satisfying.

Avoids Scratches and Wear & Tear:

The rug pad acts as a protecting agent between your area rug and vinyl floor. Sometimes area rugs have hard backing, which may cause damage to your floor.

Placing the RUGPADUSA Rug pad underneath your area rug will surely neglect any chances of damaging the floor.

The soft cushioning on the rug pad protects the floor against any kind of damage from the area rug backing. Therefore making your area rug and floor last longer.

Adds Comfort and Luxury:

Talk about the soft cushioning on the rug pad, the more the thickness, the more would be the more comfortable and luxurious feel while stepping on it. The rug pad comes in different thicknesses mainly ½ Inch, ¼ Inch, and 3/8 inch.

If you are looking to maximize the comfort and cushion thickness, you must go for the one with ½ inches thickness. That is the densest and thickest rug pad, which will vanish any chances of damage to your floor.

Vinyl Plank Flooring and Area Rug Last Longer:

The dense and thick soft cushion on the rug pad makes your vinyl floor and area rug last longer. The soft material prolongs the life span of both essentials and avoids any damage.

Due to its dense and thick cushion, the rug pad absorbs the maximum foot impact it can. The design is meant to compress and bounce back in a quick time.

Therefore putting as much less pressure or strain on your area rug as possible. As there will be the least strain on your area rug, the vinyl floor will automatically avoid wear and tear making it last longer.

Assists in Noise Reduction:

Due to its density and thickness, the rug pad provides exceptional soundproofing. The added thickness on the rug pad absorbs and minimizes the sound to the maximum possible extent.

Therefore making the rug pad plays a vital part in reducing the noise of foot stepping on the area rug.

Assists in Increasing Warmth:

Talking about the great insulation on the rug pad, it provides great warmth inside your home. The insulated material offer improved comfort and warmth. Therefore making it more luxurious.

Hypoallergenic and Safe:

Another positive fact about this rug pad is that it is completely hypoallergenic and safe for people having respiratory issues or diseases.

However, your rug pad may catch some dust or dirt due to excessive foot stepping. So remember to vacuum it regularly to avoid any allergies or respiratory issues.

Easy Cutting and Sizing:

Quality and guaranteed USA product, the rug pad comes in various sizes and fittings. However, if you are unable to find the perfect size, you can easily cut it and resize it as per your requirement.

You can use regular scissors for cutting it according to your desired size. Cutting it will not affect its properties and is safe for all kinds of floors.

How Much Does The RUGPADUSA Felt-Backed Safe Rug Pad Cost?

If you are curious about knowing the price of the rug pad, we would say it’s quite affordable and easy on your pocket. However, prices may vary according to the size and thickness you select.

For large area rugs, rug pads are available in large. The same goes for the small area rugs. In addition to that, the rug pad is offered in two shapes mainly Round and Square.

To select and buy the best fit for your area rug, you can check RUGPADUSA for the price here on Amazon.

Queries People May Ask About the Vinyl Plank Flooring (FAQs)

Is it necessary to place a rug pad on Vinyl Flooring?

Yes. You absolutely need to place the rug pad on your vinyl plank flooring. As discussed above, the Vinyl Flooring, have greater chances of getting heavy stains, fading, or discoloration.

Especially if you place an area rug with a hard backing, you may end up severely damaging and discoloring your vinyl floor.

Placing a rug pad is a must thing to do. But avoid placing the rug pads with the rubber backing.

Rubber backing can cause non-repairable damage to your expensive floors like tough and heavy stains, residue, fading, or discoloration.

So Yes it is necessary to place a rug pad on vinyl flooring but place the one having the high-quality felt backing.

They will not do any kind of damage to your floor. Especially the RUGPADUSA Felt-Backed Rug Pad is an excellent option.

The soft cushioning and thickness stay easy and safe on your floor. Providing maximum safety from the damage caused by excessive foot stepping.

It also avoids wearing out the area rug and vinyl floor to the extreme possible limit.

Placing the rug pad underneath every area rug inside the home is surely going to cost you a lot. Nevertheless, the money you spend will still be much lesser than the money you may spend on repairing or replacing the entire vinyl flooring.

So I would spending your dollars on these rug pads is a good investment and they are a great value for your money.

What Kind of Rugs is Safe for Vinyl Plank Flooring?

If you were on the hunt to find the best rugs that are safe for the Vinyl Plank floor, we suggest and recommend you go for the Unique Loom Solo Graphite Gray Solid Shag Modern Plush Area Rug.

The main reason behind this recommendation is that it comes with a soft cotton backing. There is no traditional rubber backing on it.

The backing is totally made from the cotton and is safe for vinyl floors.

That means this area rug will not leave any kind of tough stains or scratches on your floor. The cotton backing is not only safe for vinyl plank floors but also for other expensive floors like Laminated, Hardwood, and Linoleum.

In terms of slipping, the area rug slides a little bit.

To get rid of the slipping fear, we recommend you install double-sided carpet tape to hold it firmly on the floor and avoid slipping. For the best carpet tape, you can look for the YYXLIFE Double-Sided Carpet Tape.

Apart from that, this area rug is quite heavy and there are the slightest chances of it slipping or misplacing.

To remove any chance of slipping even further, we recommend placing heavy furniture on it if you do not want to use the carpet tape.

Should Rug Pad Be the Same Size as the Area Rug?

No. You cannot put the same sized rug pad as the area rug. The rug pad should be a little bit smaller than the size of the area rug.

To be more precise, the rug pad should be at least 1 inch smaller than the size of the area rug on all 4 sides.

The reason for this is when you place a small-sized rug pad underneath the area rug, the edge of the area rug matches the floor.

This prevents curling of the edges and makes you avoid tripping when your shoe heel touches the edge of the area rug.

Another positive fact about putting smaller rug pads is that your area rug will last longer due to lesser wear and tear. The rug will stay in great shape and intact for a long.

Nevertheless, if you are unable to find the best-sized rug pad that fits properly under your area rug, you can use a regular scissor to cut it off to your desired size.

Final Verdict on What Kind of Rug Pad is Safe for Vinyl Plank Flooring

Now that you know about the best Rug pad safe for the vinyl floors, there must not be any kind of confusion or doubts while buying it.

The RUGPADUSA Rug Pad is probably the best option out there to cater to your home interior demands.

We have used it on numerous expensive floors like the Hardwood and Laminated floors. We didn’t get any stains using it.

The rug pad is a great treat to the feet due to its comfortable cushioning and is very soundproof because of its dense and thick material.

The proper insulation provides great warmth even in the coldest of the weather conditions.

There are thousands of positive customer reviews about it, which makes it one of the bestselling products on amazon.

This is something that is a great value for your money and will surely give your pleasing and desired results. Do try it. Happy Shopping.

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